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Computer Accounting with QuickBooks 2004
Donna Ulmer
isbn: 0072865539

  Part I: Exploring QuickBooks with Rock Castle Construction

  1 Quick Tour of QuickBooks Pro 2004
  2 Chart of Accounts
  3 Banking
  4 Customers and Sales
  5 Vendors, Purchases, and Inventory
  6 Employees and Payroll
  7 Reports and Graphs

  Part II: Small Business Accounting with QuickBooks Pro 2004

  8 Creating a Service Company in QuickBooks
  9 Accounting for a Service Company
  10 Merchandising Corporation: Sales, Purchases, and Inventory
  11 Merchandising Corporation: Payroll
  12 Advanced Topics

Contractor's Guide to Quickbooks Pro 2004
Karen Mitchell, Craig Savage, Jim Erwin
isbn: 1572181400
Craftsman Book Company

QuickBooks Pro can save you hours of time in preparing your taxes. But setting up the new 2004 QuickBooks Pro can be complex and time-consuming. Contractor's Guide to QuickBooks Pro 2004 can save hours of time in setting up and putting to use all the new features that this 2004 edition offers. QuickBooks Pro isn't just for taxes. You can use it for payroll, keeping track of your vendors and subs -- even job costing (comparing your estimated costs to your actual costs and finding out where you're making and losing money.) If you'd rather be building homes than burning the midnight oil trying to balance your books, you should have this new book. It includes a CD-ROM with a template for a construction company to help speed your set up, an estimating program with a 5000-item database, a program that converts your estimates into QuickBooks forms so you can compare with your actual costs, and blank construction forms for your use.

Introduction to QuickBooks® Pro 2004
Douglas Sleeter
isbn: 0072981393

   Chapter 1 Introducing QuickBooks®
   Chapter 2 Managing Revenue
   Chapter 3 Managing Expenses
   Chapter 4 Bank Reconciliation
   Chapter 5 Reports and Graphs
   Chapter 6 Inventory
   Chapter 7 Sales Tax
   Chapter 8 Payroll Setup
   Chapter 9 Payroll Processing
   Chapter 10 Company File Setup and Maintenance
   Chapter 11 Customizing QuickBooks
   Chapter 12 Adjustments and Year-End Procedures
   Chapter 13 Budgeting, Forecasting, and Business Scenario
   Chapter 14 Millennium Financial Planning Business Scenario
   Chapter 15 Appendix
   Chapter 16 Glossary
Maintaining a Trust Account Using QuickBooks, Second Edition
Diana Lynette Benton
isbn: 0971926964
Computer Technology Services

Maintaining Your Trust Accounts Using QuickBooks 2nd Edition is the book that takes the number one small business accounting program, QuickBooks, and shows you how to set up and maintain Trust Accounts - including how to handle - reporting for bar association compliance, handling IOLTA, multiple accounts for clients and more. By following the steps outlined in this book you can save time and money by eliminating the need for additional software to track trust accounts. This hands-on manual is complete with exercises and screen shots to make it simple to follow. Easy to read and understand, it is designed to help attorneys, paralegals, office managers or anyone that wants to use QuickBooks for Trust Accounting.

Property Owners Guide to Using QuickBooks
Diana Lynette Benton
isbn: 0971926972
Computer Technology Services

This fully illustrated, step by step guide will teach you how to maintain your properties using the number one small business accounting software - QuickBooks. Written for versions 2004 and prior, this manual will walk you through the setup of your properties, mortgages, tenants, security deposits and so much more. It will also show you how to automatically record rents and print reports by property.

QuickBooks 2004 - The Official Guide
Kathy Ivens
isbn: 0072231394
McGraw-Hill Osborne Media

Covers QuickBooks Basic and QuickBooks Pro

Intuit-approved and loaded with secrets, Quicken Press books provide you with recipes for financial success. --Scott Cook, Co-founder, Intuit, Inc. The only official guide to QuickBooks 2004, this information-packed resource teaches users of all levels how to manage their finances for business or home.
QuickBooks 2004 For Dummies
Stephen L. Nelson
John Wiley & Sons, Inc./For Dummies

Get the most from the leading small business accounting software package QuickBooks is designed to help users handle their financial and business management tasks more effectively. Written by veteran Dummies author Stephen L. Nelson, this book empowers readers to manage their small business accounting and financial management tasks and addresses setting up online banking and bill paying, tracking accounts receivable and payable, monitoring inventory levels, processing payroll, and creating financial reports.
Quickbooks Pro 2004: An Introduction, 2nd Edition
Janet Horne
isbn: 0131523805
Prentice Hall PTR

Running QuickBooks' 2004 Premier Editions
Kathy Ivens
isbn: 0972066934

Independent Publishers Group definitive guide to the QuickBooks Premier Editions. Learn how to track fixed assets, predict cash flow, project company performance, and use the enhanced accounting functions in the Premier Editions. Filled with tips and undocumented information, this book is the only source for becoming an expert on the enhanced features of these editions.
Show Me! QuickBooks 2004
Gail Perry
isbn: 0789730782
Pearson Education

Show Me QuickBooks helps readers learn visually how to perform tasks using the leading accounting software for small businesses. They are able to find answers to their questions quickly and visually with this user-friendly method of training. Each task includes a screen-by-screen visual accompanied by a concise text description that makes performing everyday tasks quick and simple.
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